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Get to Know SpecHub, the Ad Ops Player Everyone Wants on their Team

April 3, 2017

2017 has already been such a roller coaster of news and events (how is it already April?) that we’ve decided it’s the perfect time to explain more about the new ad ops player, your next life-saving tool, everyone’s soon-to-be-favorite ad ops assistant – SpecHub.


What is SpecHub? Or sticking to our assistant analogy – who is SpecHub? Think of him or her as your extra-organized and extremely efficient ad ops executor, who will get everything done in half the time, with no mistakes, on spec, and manage all your agencies while always keeping their cool. 

Dropping the analogies and plainly put, SpecHub is the newest solution from GeoEdge, created with both Publishers and their partners in mind, designed to streamline and optimize the creative QA process we’ve seen so many of our clients and colleagues struggle with. By automating the entire campaign setup process – from the Insertion Order and testing to launch and delivering screenshots – Publishers are not only saving time by reducing back-&-forth cycles and cutting out redundant emailing, they’re also giving their partners a great testing tool that has been customized to their ad specs, making sure that everything is in order even before the first tag or creative is submitted. This way, you can preemptively cut out any possible errors.


Delving in, here are some of the great features & benefits publishers can expect from SpecHub:


Supercharge your workflow

With ad specs, brand compliance and campaign requirements predefined in the system, all steps of the creative QA process are automated. Wrong banner size? Don’t sweat it. You’ll know immediately and have the partner resubmit the creative in a jiffy. (You can even have SpecHub notify them automatically, saving your QA team the hassle.) Remember copying & pasting tags from Excel sheets? That’s so old school; everything goes through the system now. In short, when you automate the entire campaign setup process, the workflow takes half the time and the errors are down to a minimum.


SpecHub knows how to deal with all ad types, from HTML5 to video, making sure any and all campaigns are covered. QA & trafficking tasks are significantly reduced, up to the very last step of sending the agency screenshots of the live campaign. Automatically; of course. (Are you sensing a theme here?)


TagLab – a comprehensive (& fast) tag testing environment

Test any tag before you upload it, or better yet – give agencies their own SpecHub portal that will enable them to submit and test their tags themselves before being delivered to your end. (And if there’s an error, the agency will be notified by the system, so you don’t even have to deal with it until it’s cleared.)


TagLab will give you all the information you need on any given tag in the system – from landing page previews and identifying cookies & pixels to verifying all compliance tests – to get the green light on every aspect of your campaign assets.


Faster time-to-launch per campaign

When everything is going smoothly, the turnaround time from IO to launch can be drastically reduced! Just think of the time you usually spend dealing with one error (just one) and multiply that by the number of ads, the number of campaigns and the number of platforms you’re running on. When you reduce the time spent on each and every error and bug, you’ll be breaking your own launch records week over week.


One dashboard to rule them all

Gone are the days of sending tags or bug fix requests via email – everything can now be done through one centralized platform – all communication, file sharing, status checks and update requests are now under one convenient roof.


Grant access to unlimited partners

As a publisher, SpecHub is your playground. You call the shots, you set the rules, you define your specs, and you can grant access to as many partners and agencies as you wish. Each partner gets their own login to a limited-access version of your dashboard, allowing them to submit campaign assets directly through the system, and start the whole automated flow themselves. This means that an entire campaign can be set up for you in your system and your ad ops team will tend to it only once it’s fully approved and ready to go, without having to lift a finger. Mind. Blown.


Isn’t 2017 looking a whole lot better already?


Learn more about SpecHub here and contact us to get on board.

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