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Product Update: Enhanced HTML5 Capability

February 1, 2016



The GeoEdge ad security and verification solution can now capture and parse HTML5 ads with more capabilities than ever before. Publishers, networks, and platforms will gain unprecedented protection and control over the HTML5 ads served on their sites and inside their apps.


HTML5 is taking online ads to a new level, allowing them to run faster, be more responsive and helping to counter security threats like Flash based malvertising. However, even though HTML5 is more secure than Flash, there are still harmful scenarios that could occur on the publisher’s site, disrupt the user experience and lead users to leave the publisher’s site:

  • Misalignment with Z-Index Range: HTML5 ads can be served outside the publisher’s Z-index, causing the page to appear distorted.

  • Exceed Expansion Dimensions: HTML5 ads can auto-expand (when triggered by a click or mouse hover, etc.) and cover the publisher’s content.
    Since an HTML5 ad is made of many files, images, scripts, etc., there could be:

  • Too Many Ad Call Requests: Too many requests to call the ad, despite IAB guidelines which state no more than 15 are allowed. This can cause latency on the publisher’s site.

  • Creative File Size Maximum: The aggregated sizes of all images, scripts, CSS etc. exceed the standard amount. This will also cause latency on the publisher’s site.

With this update, GeoEdge protects against all of the above scenarios.


The GeoEdge Solution

GeoEdge has built notifications to monitor and identify if any of your HTML5 ads are in breach of Z-index range misalignment, or exceeding expansion dimensions, ad call requests or creative file sizes. Publishers will be able to view and understand the lifecycle of the HTML5 ad, including all of its specs, such as the creative file size breakdown. Publishers can also view the entire delivery path, pre-click and post-click, and determine the direct demand partner who initiated delivery.


"We are proud to provide advanced notifications and alerts for HTML5 ads," asserts Yael Wenner, Solutions Architect. "HTML5 is a complicated format that can cause disruption to a publisher’s site or app. By providing these notification options, we prevent situations like that from occurring and protect the user experience."
Key Benefits:
•    Protect your users from experiencing an expanding ad that covers your content.
•    Guard your site from being distorted by an ad that is not aligned with your Z-index.
•    Defend your users and site from being infected with malware.
•    Enforce preset policies which designate the amount of weight allowed for each ad.
•    Guarantee compliance for specified expanded dimension sizes and ad call requests.








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