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Sovrn Partners with GeoEdge to Trace and Block Malicious & Unwanted Ads

June 30, 2016

Working with Sovrn in all aspects of ad security and verification, we are happy to release the success story!   ”GeoEdge has been our most effective partner in the attempt to monitor and block bad ads within our network. By capturing the ads served through our publisher’s tags and providing the complete ad call, our AdOps team is better able to track down who served the ad and block the culprit," asserts Marissa Morris, Traffic Quality Analyst. 


Sovrn is a data-driven supply-side platform with one of the largest ad exchanges in the world. They partner with over 50,000 independent and influential websites, providing tools and services that help monetize their sites through programmatic advertising. With their own proprietary ad technology stack and connections to every major buyer in the world, Sovrn´s network has over one billion ad requests per day. Sovrn gives content creators and publishers what is needed to optimize monetization and distribution, while enabling them to scale their audience and gain valuable data insights.

Sovrn is dedicated to ensuring high ad quality for their publishers and partner – and was working with several fraud and ‘bad ad’ detection solutions to that end. However, they found these solutions lacking for a number of reasons: (1) The ad ops team could not detect when a malicious, offensive or non-compliant ad campaign would arise so were fielding many publisher complaints. Furthermore, they could not prevent the incident from recurring. (2) Once an ad campaign issue was reported, the ad ops team would spend countless amounts of time trying to find specific data, including the exact source, time of occurrence, creative ID, bid ID, and geolocation. (3) Even in the best of circumstances, when the ad ops team was able to track down all the data needed, it was very difficult to recreate the exact incident since the ad is based on the user’s specific cookie data – which is not information they could retrieve. 

In order to resolve these issues and develop a proactive ad quality management approach, Sovrn sought a solution that would scan tags and full pages for harmful, unwanted, and intrusive ads, especially mobile redirects, sound autoplay, and malware, before they could do any damage to their partners and customers.  

Sovrn was impressed when they found that the GeoEdge Ad Security and Verification platform not only quickly identifies and presents unwanted ads with all their accompanying data, but that the ad itself is captured and visually displayed in the UI. Now the ad ops team doesn’t have to waste time or resources on tracking down the source or trying to recreate the incident; they can take prompt and precise action against all problematic ads, mitigating unwanted effects in mobile, video or display campaigns.
With GeoEdge in place, Sovrn´s ad ops team can be proactive in ad monitoring and ad quality management. In addition, GeoEdge enables Sovrn to gain full transparency and visibility to the ads in their inventory, not just the non-compliant ones. Based on each brand’s individual needs, Sovrn can customize the ad quality policies per customer. This enables them to block specific types of creatives for individual publishers that are outside the realm of the typically considered unwanted ads (like malware or intrusive activity), optimizing their ad inventory for better ROI.  

Using GeoEdge has enabled Sovrn to streamline their ad monitoring and ad quality management processes and to focus on optimizing customer ROI. 
More specifically, Sovrn is now able to: (1) protect against malicious and unwanted activity (2) be proactive rather than reactive in managing their partners’ ad quality, 3) know the exact data pertinent to stop a problematic ad campaign swiftly, (4) clearly see the range of ads being served through their platform and exchange, and (5) customize policies for each partner to stop harmful and non-compliant ads of their own delineation. 
With GeoEdge, Sovrn is able to support and protect their expansive network from any kind of ad quality or security issue.  


Be in touch if you want us to do the same for your business!


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