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How Video Ads Can Harm Your Brand (& the Ad Management Tool to Help You)

April 26, 2016

Recently, we went to Digiday's Video Anywhere Conference and presented on a topic very close to home: video ad security & verification. In our presentation, we discussed the video ad landscape (fun statistics!) and explain how video ads can negatively affect your users (and how to prevent that from happening!). 
Below the presentation is excerpted information for your quick reading needs. 

The video ad landscape at-a-glance*:

•Mobile video ad spend predicted to reach $8.6 billion by 2018

•Currently, 17% of publisher revenue comes from video ads

•654.7 million videos ads with 2.8 trillion views in 2015 alone


Despite the promising nature of the video ad landscape, there is a certain risk involved in serving video ads to users. The last thing any brand wants to do is drive users from their site, and often enough, a problematic video ad does just that -- it disrupts the user's experience and causes them to leave.


There are three main contributing factors to problematic video ads and they stem from:

•Operation/ Performance



Each of the above factors have their own subset of issues that could affect the user's experience. For example, operation/performance could refer to an ad that causes latency on your site. There is also the more insidious complication of when the video ad directs the player to take control of your site -- with phenomena like auto-scroll, auto-resize or self-cloning (when the player makes multiple duplicates of itself and covers your webpage). Many kinds of sneaky strategies are being implemented to get the ad in front of the user without care for your site's & app's users.


Not to mention how video ads are fast becoming the go-to vehicle for malvertising. And as video ads are more complex than display ads, the malicious code is often harder to identify. Our Security Lab reports that there is a growing trend of drive-by-downloads coming through video ads.


We believe that to combat these types of issues in video ads, one needs to gain full visibility & transparency into their video ad inventory. This includes the ability to:

•Trace the source and block the campaign (in real-time)

•Separate all the VAST/VPAID elements 

•Continuously monitor 24/7 for any possible problems  - transparency to every possible RTB outcome is the way to accomplish this task

Then you can screen out all the potentially harmful video ad campaigns that have malware, latency, sound autoplay, auto-scroll, etc. 


Managing all the above tasks and more is why GeoEdge exists. We have developed the technology that provides that proactive protection needed for any site and app. We ensure a clean, safe and engaging user experience for all your ads, especially the video ads. Check out our tech!


*sources can be found in the presentation

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