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Success! AppLift Opens New Revenue Stream Thanks to GeoEdge Putting a Stop to Malvertisments

April 21, 2016


We are happy to release this case study with Applift -- a company we are proud to call our partner. Rishi Agarwal, Managing Director of DataLift Enterprise, AppLift. ​asserts, "GeoEdge provides a comprehensive solution, and since we began working together we feel safer, have more confidence, and are able to protect and further strengthen our partnerships with publishers." He continues, “The GeoEdge solution is what the industry needs.



AppLift is a data-driven technology platform that empowers mobile app advertisers to acquire and re-engage quality users at scale on a performance basis. AppLift's programmatic media buying platform, DataLift provides access to all automated supply sources in the market, reaching over a billion users worldwide. AppLift works with 500+ leading global companies across all verticals.



Recognized as a top digital mobile advertising platform, AppLift is committed to protecting their publishers from malvertising and low quality ads.

They had three main challenges that needed resolution:

(1) AppLift had previously decided to exclude all ads with javascript (JS) tags since they couldn’t 100% validate their security and quality, thereby excluding an entire revenue stream.

(2) They had a lack of confidence working with third-party demand partners as incidents of malware, auto-redirects, and changing landing pages, among other things, would occur and impact their partners. In many cases, AppLift could not track the source for the non-compliant ad and therefore could not prevent the campaign from reoccurring.

(3) In addition, AppLift wanted to streamline the ad ops workow so their time and resources could be better utilized.

AppLift decided they needed to resolve these issues and fast. The ideal solution would allow them to open a new revenue stream while feeling safe and condent working with third-parties. The solution also needed to easily integrate with the AppLift’s internal workow and enable their ad ops team to work more eciently.



AppLift found that GeoEdge’s automated ad security and verication solution provided the most comprehensive and superior real-time protection layer for which they were searching.

The GeoEdge system ensures that AppLift can condently work with third parties and protect their partners from ad quality and malvertising issues. GeoEdge provides continuous media scanning capabilities that capture and inspect all in-app and mobile ads. Ad campaigns going through AppLift go through GeoEdge, whether JS tag, HTML5, MRAID, VAST, VPAID, etc. AppLift stays protected against campaigns with auto-redirects, changed landing pages, drive-by-downloads, among many others.

GeoEdge provides detailed information about the ad campaigns running through AppLift, so that in the case of an incident breach, they can block the campaign before damage has been done. With GeoEdge, they ensure that their customers’ user experience is not infected or disrupted by a malicious or offensive ad.

With a user-friendly interface, AppLift quickly integrated the GeoEdge solution to save resources from their time consuming and manual tasks.



Since incorporating GeoEdge as their ad security and verication platform, AppLift has been able to resolve all three challenges.

Firstly, AppLift has been able to open an entirely new revenue stream and increase monetization by 40%.

Secondly, AppLift is able to work with even more third parties. Now, AppLift serves ads with ease and condence, sure that GeoEdge will alert them to any possible problems.

Thirdly, by using GeoEdge, AppLift has automated the ad tag scanning and reporting process so that their teams have more ecient use of their and resources – enabling AppLift to monetize even more.

In addition, AppLift makes sure that before they work with any new provider, they scan the ad tags through the GeoEdge solution. This way, AppLift ensures that every provider meets their compliance standards.




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