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Video Ad Verification Product Update

April 3, 2016



The GeoEdge ad security and verification solution has made great strides in further developing the industry’s premier video ad verification solution. GeoEdge will now capture and parse even more information from video ads. Publishers, networks, and platforms will gain unprecedented visibility and control over the video ads served on their sites and inside their apps.
Super-VAST Tree: With this new feature, you will not only know all the VAST/VPAID requests that were made in order to deliver an ad, but you will also get full visibility of the order of every request chain. This way you will know if specific demand partners are making a lot of requests, which results in slowing down your site or mobile app. If you notice that a particular demand partner is slowing down your site, then you can choose to exclude them from future ad calls.  In addition, by being able to see each referrer for each call, you can see if there are any domains that are problematic or on your ‘watch’ list. 


Full Pixel Scan: GeoEdge will provide you with the complete picture of all the possible security threats to a video ad call.  By scanning all the pixels in the Super-VAST Tree, you will know all the possible responses, all the URLS involved in the delivery of the ad. Even if there was no malware in the final delivery of the ad, but there was a possibility of malicious activity in one of the possible responses from one of the demand partners in the Super-VAST tree, you will be notified. With this important information, you can pro-actively prevent that demand partner from participating in future ad calls. 

Furthermore, even though malware was not present in the delivered ad, a network might still be penalized by partners due to the calling of a malicious URL. With this new feature, you will receive all the relevant information to identify the source and halt the suspicious activity. 


Auto-scroll: This alert was created to notify you when a served ad’s player takes over the site and auto-scrolls the page to where the video is placed. This aggressive behavior of the player ruins a good user experience as it bewilders the user and interrupts their focus. With this new real-time notification, you will instantly know when this aggressive behavior takes place inside your video inventory and be able to quickly block the campaign.
“With these new features, our video ad verification solution reaches new heights. Being able to organize all the ad calls and scan every pixel is a breakthrough for ad tech industry," asserts Yael Wenner, Solution Architect.


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