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The Ad Solar System Gets Complete GeoEdge Protection

March 31, 2016

APRIL 1, Rhode Island – GeoEdge announces a new location for its premium VPN solution – the 



As the leading ad security and verification company in the industry, GeoEdge knows how to 

protect all users from malvertising and ads with low quality. Following many months of 

development and collaboration with space stations from USA, China, and Russia, GeoEdge has 

successfully placed servers next to the big crater on the moon for optimal connectivity and 

reliability. Now all GeoEdge partners have a solution that provides not only global, but worldly 

visibility for users.

You will be able to monitor and view geo-targeted content, check that all ad creatives are 

compliant with company policies, and know that your ads have full solar system coverage. With 

this added location, GeoEdge continues to ensure a clean, safe and engaging user experience for 

all your users, extraterrestrials included. 


One small step for GeoEdge.

One giant leap for the entire ad tech industry. 



To access this new location, go to your proxy toolbar, and refresh the list of locations by turning 

the toolbar on and off. Then you will be able to access the moon proxy with ease. 

If you do not yet have the toolbar on your browser, download it here!


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