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GeoEdge Fortifies User Security Against Malicious Ads & Malvertisements for Reporo

February 10, 2016




GeoEdge, the leading ad security and verification company, announced today an enhancement to their partnership with Reporo, the leading mobile adult entertainment ad network, to increase protection for Reporo advertisers and publishers from harmful and potentially dangerous malware.

Reporo uses in-house malware scanning techniques, however, they are upgrading all security technology in response to the growing malvertising threats. Through the expansion of their compliance team, the development of their internal solutions and their new partnership with GeoEdge, Reporo will now provide continuous, automated 24/7 protection against malware hidden in ad tags, creatives and content.

Reporo and GeoEdge will be leading a panel at the upcoming European Summit in Barcelona on Tuesday March 1, 4:30pm - 5:30pm to discuss how to protect users from malvertising and poor quality ads.

“We have been working closely with GeoEdge and are pleased to announce that they're our main security partners. GeoEdge has understood the needs of the network and has quickly become the go-to solution for security in the adult mobile industry,” said Operations Director of Reporo, Neil Ives.

He continued, “Risk management and client protection has become a number one priority for Reporo. We are committed to network security and have invested a lot of time and resources into making Reporo's network the safest network. By joining forces with GeoEdge, end users of advertisers and publishers will receive the best possible user experience. All ads are scanned prior to going live, and monitored continuously for malicious or noncompliant behavior once they appear on a publisher’s website. Noncompliant campaigns will be immediately flagged and blocked from the network.”

“With the continuous growth of malvertising, every site is at risk,” said Amnon Siev, CEO of GeoEdge. “It is critical for networks to be proactive about real-time quality control and malware protection. Reporo is demonstrating their commitment to protecting the advertising ecosystem and with our strengthened partnership, Reporo’s publishers will provide a safe user experience and only serve high ad quality."

Effective immediately, all direct and third-party advertisements served through Reporo’s network will be subject to the upgraded monitoring and verifying service.


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