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The Programmatic Conundrum: Thoughts on “Where User Experience and Ad Ops Collide”

October 8, 2015


The ‘Programmatic Conundrum’ is one that fills every publisher’s minds. Earn the extra dollars, and sacrifice quality – or lose out on the added revenue. The truth is that publishers don’t have control over the ads that are served on their sites.  They employ ad ops teams to make sure that the ads going through are up to technical standards, but they let things through that are not up to par in terms of quality. 

In the article "Where User Experience and Ad Ops Collide," AdMonster’s Gavin Dunaway expertly analyzes how the job descriptions of ad ops is evolving into something more than just the technical. They are, and need to take the user experience into consideration – for their publisher’s sake.


Excerpted from the article:
Don’t Let the Ads Run Users Off
The Internet is vast, and content is abundant and repetitive. Many sites have struggled to install paywalls because users are damn good at hunting down similar content elsewhere that they can access without opening their wallets. (It ain’t free, as I’ve pointed out before.) Thus bad advertising can also drive users away to other sites with similar content. Certainly miffed users are not going to become regular visitors, and they’re not going to share your content, one industry resource notes.
Beyond making advertising work, the role of ad ops is to increase revenue (particularly through indirect-sold channels). But if you’re doing that at the expense of user experience by letting in intrusive units, shoddy creative and (heaven forbid) malware, those gains will be as short as short-term gets. Not only will a jilted user leave your site and forget its address, he/she also won’t recommend it to friends or the Internet at large.
You don’t want to build your revenue around impressions, but audience. Ops’ goal should not be to monetize a user only once, but encourage multiple visits. Wait, isn’t that content’s job? Of course, but knowledgeable advertising catered to audiences (or even specific users) can buoy a site’s reputation and possibly build an influencer network.
The operations role in digital advertising continues to expand and become increasingly complex. However, technological development show that revenue and user experience are highly connected – ops will need the help of partners to find the balance between the two.
To read the full article "Where User Experience and Ad Ops Collide", please click here.

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