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GeoEdge Update: Video Ad Verification Now Includes VPAID

August 14, 2015


In response to the market demand, we have added VPAID format to our video ad verification solution, (the industry's 1st video ad verification solution). Now the GeoEdge video ad verification solution can monitor VAST and VPAID formats. Publishers and platforms will gain unprecendented visibility and control over the video ads served on their sites and inside their apps.


VPAID is often used by networks to control the player of the publisher. Without publisher consent, the VPAID video ad can play sound, place an in-banner video, scroll the page, and generate a pop-up requesting user information. These tactics disrupt the user experience and lead users to leave the publisher’s site.


With this new update, publishers will be able to identify the exact source for the above listed actions. Publishers can view the entire delivery path of the video ad and determine the direct demand partner who initiated delivery.


"We are proud to have included such a complicated format into our video ad verification solution," asserts Yael Wenner, Solutions Architect. "VPAID can malfunciton on the publisher's player and cause disruption to the user. By including VPAID into our video ad verification solution, we prevent situations like that from occuring."


Key Benefits:

  • Protect your users from experiencing a video ad playing sound without user initiation.

  • Guard your revenue from a video ad being served in a designated display placement.

  • Defend your users and site from being infected with malware.

  • Enforce preset policies which designate the amount of time allowed for the ad to reach the player.

  • Guarantee compliance for specified video file types to be served on the .xml.

  • Ensure that the length of the video ad does not exceed the predefined amount.

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